Travel your Vay

By-minute rental cars, delivered driverless. Now live in Las Vegas.

Half the price of Uber—guaranteed

Safe and green

Get access to affordable cars on-demand, with flexible, driverless delivery and take-back.

Save emissions with 100% electric vehicles. Our fleet is maintained regularly and the teledrive system is designed to be as safe as having someone in the driver’s seat.

How it works

Find a car in the app 

Rent an electric car by the minute in the app. Get your Vay magically delivered to you in minutes through teledriving. Or find a nearby parked car and simply pick one up yourself.

Hop in and drive

Use the app to unlock the car. No physical keys needed. Drive to your destination and make stopovers along the way. Stay flexible and in control with affordable rates and transparent per-minute pricing.

Remote take-back

End your rental by handing the car back over to one of our teledrivers, who will park the car for you. Gone are the days of having to return to a far-off parking garage or endlessly circling the streets for available parking spots.

Easy to use

Our intuitive booking process will guide you through each step: selecting your ride, confirming your journey, doing stopovers and handing the car back to our remote drivers.

Download the App today

Download the App today

I support Vay’s mission to bring safe, affordable and sustainable door-to-door mobility services to cities around the world 🚀

– Nico Rosberg, F1 World Champion and Greentech Investor/Entrepreneur


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